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Postponing (Delaying) Your Hearing

If you want your hearing delayed to a later date, you may ask us to postpone your hearing.

You must have a good reason for your postponement request. Examples of good reasons are: a death in the family, personal illness or injury, sudden and unexpected emergencies which prevent you or your authorized representative from appearing, a conflicting court appearance, or the county not having its Position Statement ready for you to pick up during the two business days before the hearing date.

Exception: If your hearing request is about your Food Stamp benefits (only) and not any other type of benefits, we will grant your first postponement request without asking you the reason.

To request a postponement before the hearing date, make a toll-free call to 1-800-743-8525 (Voice/TDD) or send a letter to: State Hearings Division, 744 P Street, MS 19-36, Sacramento, CA 95814. We may ask you to provide proof of the reason for your postponement request.

If you do not ask for a postponement until the day of your hearing, we may not be able to grant your request. We may direct you to go the hearing and discuss your postponement request with the judge. The judge will decide whether to grant or deny your postponement request.

If granted, a postponement will generally delay your hearing about 3 or 4 weeks.