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Refugee Coordinator Letters2008

The Refugee Coordinator Letters (RCLs) are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). Please see Tips for Using Adobe PDF Files for details.

Note: Med-Cal Eligibility Data Systems Reports (MEDS) are enclosures to some RCLs. If you have any questions regarding any RCL, please send an email to RPB@dss.ca.gov.

  • No. 08-01
    Monthly MEDS Reports for December 2007
  • No. 08-02
    Monthly MEDS Reports for January 2008
  • No. 08-04
    Monthly MEDS Reports for February 2008
  • No. 08-05
    Monthly MEDS Reports forMarch 2008
  • No. 08-06
    Monthly MEDS Reports for April 2008
  • No. 08-07
    Monthly MEDS Reports for May and June 2008
  • No. 08-08
    Debarment and Suspension Requirements
  • No. 08-09
    Proposed Refugee Social Services (RSS) Allocations for Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2008 - Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance No. 93-566
  • No. 08-10
    FFY 2006 Grants Closeout
  • No. 08-11
    County Refugee Services Plan or Plan Updates for Fiscal Year 2008-09
  • No. 08-12
    Monthly MEDS Reports for July and August 2008
  • No. 08-13
    Final FFY 2008 RSS Allocations