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Continuing Care

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Continuing Care

A continuing care contract is an agreement between a person 60 years or older and a provider where, in exchange for payment, an agreement is made to provide a range of services at a facility for a period longer than one year. Usually, but not always, the promise is effective for the life of the resident. Most continuing care contracts call for payment of an entrance fee and monthly fees. However, it is the promise to provide care, not the method of payment, that defines a continuing care contract. A continuing care contract may consist of one or a series of agreements.

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has the primary responsibility for overseeing continuing care contract providers. CDSS evaluates provider applications to determine the financial feasibility of proposed facilities and provides ongoing monitoring of the financial stability of these entities.


  • Provide services at a facility for longer than one year.
  • Persons 60 years or older may be eligible for continuing care.