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How To Find Information On This Site

The California Department of Social Services (CDSS) has changed the look of our web site to help you, our customers, more easily and quickly find the information you need.


We now have seven tabs located at the top of each page to help you. When you put your mouse over each tab, a number of related links will appear in the blue bar just below the tabs. Here is what you will find under each tab:

  • Find Services - Helps you find social services, including employment, cash aid, food, residential care, day care, in-home care, adoption, foster care, refugee services, and more services. Under the More Services link, you can find additional information on special services, health, transportation, housing, disaster services. Many of these services are actually administered by the county you live in, so you may be referred to your county government for more information or to apply for these services.
  • Care Providers - Provides easy access for care providers to the information and resources they need, including getting a license, operating a facility, providing foster care, adopting a child and other resources.
  • Forms/Brochures - CDSS has numerous online forms. In addition to the existing alphabetical listing by form title, we have also grouped forms by program name. In this way, you can more easily find the form you need without knowing the name of the form. Translated forms are also available via this tab. In the future, we plan to add the ability to search for specific forms.
  • Program Rules - Includes links to regulations, county letters, legislation, and government code that contain the rules for CDSS-administered programs.
  • Reports - Provides access to CDSS-generated statistical, fiscal and other data-oriented reports on its various programs and services. There is also a link to Community Care Licensing.
  • Policy and Planning - Includes access to financial, legislative, policy and planning documents regarding CDSS programs. Information is also available here on contracts and procurement.
  • Fiscal and Funding - This web page has links to local assistance estimates, budget and fiscal news, and grants and opportunities.

These tabs provide access to a large percentage of the most useful information on the CDSS Internet. We have also added more links on the left side navigation bar and at the top of the page to provide easier access to additional information:

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  • About CDSS - Discusses the history of the Department of Social Services and our mission to the residents of California.
  • CDSS Websites - Provides links to our websites within the Department, which include Children and Family Services, Community Care Licensing, State Hearings Division, to name a few.
  • Report Abuse - Provides information on reporting child abuse, elder or dependent adult abuse, and domestic violence.
  • Report Fraud - Provides information on how to report fraud in social services programs.
  • File a Complaint - Provides information on how to file a complaint about public assistance or social services that you receive or for which you have applied.
  • Hearings and Appeals - Provides information on how to ask for a hearing or appeal a decision concerning your participation in a CDSS-administered program.
  • Site Map - You can find links to all of the main web pages in our site.
  • Contact CDSS - We invite you to use this link if you have any questions, requests or comments.

Thank you for visiting the CDSS web site.